React Native Developer

Empleo React Native Developer

We are looking for a highly skilled React Native Developer to collaborate with a team of developers and UX designers to develop and maintain web applications to be released on multiple platforms such as Android or iOS. You will be responsible for building native web applications with a focus on front-end development.

The ideal candidate should be an advanced React Native developer who can create a dynamic, high performance and responsive user interface for our web applications.


  • Collaborate with a team of developers and designers to create a web app that runs on multiple platforms
  • Create reusable, powerful, and scalable JavaScript code
  • Design the front-end and data information of the application
  • Use additional JS libraries, such as Redux, to manage application state, data handling, and perform asynchronous API calls
  • Translate customer technical requirements into code
  • Test and update the application so that it can be used in all browsers

Skills and qualities

  • Spanish or English language proficiency
  • +3 years of professional experience using React Native
  • Very proficient in rendering components with native APIs
  • Highly proficient in JS, SASS and HTML
  • Knowledge of one or more libraries (eg Redux, React Router, etc.) for state management and routing in addition to React
  • Knowledge of using Git as a version control system


  • React Native
  • Redux
  • React Route
  • Git

Employment type

  • Freelance
  • Allow remote